Friday, August 22, 2008


Having no cable TV, we have been stuck with NBC's broadcast coverage, which in practice means swimming, gymnastics, track, and beach volleyball, ad nauseam. I did enjoy a few moments of BMX bike racing, which basically is the same as the snowboard cross event in the winter games, but on wheels; the main reason to watch is hoping there are some good wipeouts, and thankfully there usually are.

Gymnastics (and swimming) could use some editing: far too many medals handed out. But my favorites are definitely rings for men and balance beam for women. The former because what they do does not seem humanly possible, the latter because it is by far the most dramatic, anxiety-producing Olympic sport imaginable. Occasional jingoistic remarks from Bela Karolyi were nearly insufferable; there's a guy who could give Dick Button a run for his money as most obnoxious Olympic commentator.

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