Monday, November 15, 2010

Capsule movie reviews

T.A.M.I. Show: Highlights include the Beach Boys in all their twisted pop glory, and Lesley Gore belting out the amazing proto-feminist anthem "You Don't Own Me" and the always wonderful "It's My Party." Marvin Gaye is in good voice on some bluesy straight-ahead soul numbers, but you also appreciate how well served he would be a little later by the Motown songwriters who allowed him to capitalize on his falsetto come-on. Smokey is good of course, but as always a little "pitchy" live. The Stones? Merely watchable.

The James Brown performance is justifiably famous. Given his importance as a great bandleader and inventor of funk and everything that would follow, it's easy to forget just how great a singer he was. He could dance too. His intensity, work ethic, professionalism, and raw artistry just blow everyone else off the stage.

The Book of Eli: Denzel eats a cat.

White: Fine but not outstanding Kieslowski effort. I.e., only ten times better than most movies.


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  2. White: Kieslowski said it was his favourite out of the trilogy because it was a love story, as well as a comedy! He liked Charlie Chaplin's films a lot and when Sight & Sound magazine asked him to make a list of the 10 films which had affected him most he included 'The Kid'. Also, 'Charlie' is 'Karol' in Polish. As you might know, bits of one part of the trilogy appear in the others if one looks carefully. For instance, you see Julie from 'Blue' momentarily enter the courtroom by accident whilst Karol and Dominique are in front of the judge. Perhaps Kieslowski is hinting that our lives are often interlinked without our realizing it. Feel free to add yourself to my Guestbook, Bill. I bid you a good day.