Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola

Heard them from the second row at the Dana Street Roasting Company, a smallish coffee house in Mountain View. Wow. You should catch them if they visit your neighborhood. They play, and they play, as in playful.

If you are unfamiliar, Hunter finger-picks a 7-(or 8-)string guitar, thumping out the bass line while improvising on the higher strings. His technique is kinda superhuman, although it does impose some limitations on the fluidity of his solo lines. Amendola is a jazz drummer in the modern mold, specializing in Caribbean-tinged grooves and funky backbeats. Good with the brushes as well. The highlight of the night for me was his quiet solo on "Body and Soul" (I think): the sticks swishing and tapping the cymbals, maintaining an evolving ringing tone while he explored the rhythm on the skins.

Kudos to Dana Street RC for bringing real music to our boring little suburb.

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