Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jean-Jacques

Thanks to Bill Connolly, the professor who had the biggest influence on me, Rousseau was the first philosopher I ever tried to think deeply about. I have moved on to shallower waters, but I remain convinced that Rousseau asked the essential questions in political and social theory. His answers are still worth grappling with, flawed as they are, and flawed as he was.


  1. Voltaire was always my guy. Ayn Rand, and Bill Buckley were the best though. In fact, I can see how Bill Buckley influenced you.

  2. If I were not an esteemed professor with a reputation to maintain, I would respond by saying, F.U. Taro... but I couldn't possibly...

  3. Oh you most certainly could. In fact, how about we have special reading sessions where we read Rand together. Would go perfect with a nice cup of Philz.