Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paul Ryan is pretty conservative...

... in case you didn't know. Click on it to see better. From the voteview blog.
[UPDATE: see below]

The folks at voteview rescaled their chart: the Senate is blown up, probably for clearer comparison with the House distribution. Thanks to alert reader MD.


  1. I see they left out Santorum. He didn't fit to scale I guess.

  2. The conservatives have slightly greater std dev.

  3. Santorum's voting record when he was in the Senate actually placed him a little left of McCain according to their methodology.

    Although the relative positions have meaning, and they try to maintain consistency across years, it would be risky to compare the spread of the distribution at different locations. What you can say with some confidence is that within each party, the Senate is more centrist on average and less ideologically diverse than the House. They also find that the polarization is more driven by the red hump moving rightward than the blue moving leftward...

  4. The Senate being more centrist isn't surprising. Its generally harder to become one of just two senators in a state with strong ideological views.