Monday, January 21, 2013

The Obama agenda

First term: Health care
Second term: Climate change

OK, I might have reversed the order, but this still has a nice ring to it. He can toss fiscal sustainability into the mix with a nice fat carbon tax, but should keep his promise to the 99% by preserving/ enhancing progressive social programs to offset the carbon tax's regressivity.

Et tu, Boehner?


  1. So do you say this the most realistic thing he can get done, or that it is No 1 on the priority list. If its the latter, thats a rather bold and outside the mainstream opinion.

  2. No 1, dude. If he makes real progress on health care and then climate change, given the political constraints, he goes down in history with FDR. Philz?

  3. I'll be in town in Feb. I'll shoot an email your way when I get in.