Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fargo and Key Largo...

... were both a lot better than Argo. I have not seen Cargo or Embargo, so I wouldn't want to make any rash generalizations, but I can certainly say that of the three nominees for best picture that I saw, Argo was by far the worst. Basically, it is a bore. Maybe I am missing something.


  1. I'm pretty certain you were rooting for Django. The stark resemblance between your and its brash badassedness, must have tipped the scales.

  2. Haven't seen Django yet, despite my badassness. I was referring to the generally not very badass Lincoln and Beasts...
    Of the ones I saw last year, my favorite Hollywood movie was Flight, featuring some fine Denzel badassness.

  3. I actually haven't seen any of the films nominated. I'm just not that enthralled by most of the films released these days.