Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sir Charles

I regret that I never manage to see much of the NCAA playoffs, but I somehow lucked into yesterday's Kentucky-Louisville nailbiter. Great game. I also caught the CBS hoops guys on today's pregame show, discussing the NLRB ruling that college athletes can unionize. Frankly, it was a more substantive debate than you will ever hear from Brooks and Dionne on NPR. Kenny Smith was all for unionization, and rewarding the jocks in the big-money sports in proportion to their marginal product. Some cracks about "field hockey" were made... thinly veiled code language for double-X chromosomes. Sir Charles would have none of it. "What about Title IX?" he demanded. Revenue has to be redistributed to the less lucrative sports. The important thing is supporting the academic achievement of the 99% of college athletes who will never make a career of it. Mind you, he did not seem at all opposed to getting the jocks a bigger piece of the pie. Oh... and he also correctly called it for Kentucky at the half.

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