Sunday, June 1, 2014

NBA salary cap and league competitiveness

If LeBron were paid his market value (about double his current 20 million), along with his fellow players, would it make the league more or less competitive?

Last year, the ever-unreliable Planet Money said "less": under the individual player salary cap, superstars are affordable even by poor teams, making the league more competitive... hence even LeBron would agree that the player cap is good for the league.

Roger Noll disagrees: Surely if the NBA kept its team cap rules and eliminated the individual cap, no team could afford to assemble the Heat's talent... and hence the Heat would be beatable in the playoffs by more than one or two other teams. Seems to me that Roger must be correct. The most obvious piece of evidence is that the league really isn't very competitive!

Regardless, Miami vs. San Antonio should be a good show.

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