Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

I average one of these summer comic-book blockbusters a year. I enjoyed this one more than most. Too much noise and mayhem, but that comes with the territory. The dialogue, such as it is, is generally witty; the pop soundtrack is programmed to appeal to the baby boomers (e.g., me) in the audience, presumably attending with their grandchildren; and the visuals are often arresting: my advice when you get bored with the action sequences is to treat it as an art film, ignore the plot, and let the colors and geometries wash over you.

Good: Chris Pratt, the only person who is acting here... cute, relaxed, and charming; Groot, the tree guy played (supposedly) by Vin Diesel... nice to know that he can be propagated from a cutting.

Bad: The wise-ass talking raccoon; Glenn Close's hair; lame and uninteresting villains.

Ugly: Preview for the latest Dumb and Dumber sequel. We have the drones... why can't we take out Jim Carrey?

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