Monday, January 10, 2022

Audie Cornish

Working from home and driving rather little these days, I have not been listening to NPR nearly as much as I was two years ago. I haven't missed it much, largely because the hosts of the news shows I listened to, particularly "All Things Considered," had become nearly insufferable to me: breathless or sing-songy delivery, hearts on their sleeves when the news was bad, fawning in interviews with their personal faves, an annoying habit of repeating back what was just said in an interview, treating the audience as if we were children, or not paying attention: "Vaccination rates are 70% in X-land and only 50% in Y-land..." "Oh, so you're saying vaccination rates are actually higher in X-land?!"

Audie Cornish was always a welcome exception. Smart, professional, no-nonsense reporting. Treating the listeners like grown-ups, letting the story speak for itself. She'll be missed.

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