Monday, June 24, 2013

Carson Pass country, once more

Is it my favorite place in the Sierras? Quite possibly. What does it have going for it?
1. Best wildflower display I know of.
2. Wonderful secluded campgrounds.
3. A fine old California roadhouse, the Kirkwood Inn.
4. Beautiful mountain lakes and wide open high-Sierra scenery.
5. None of the crowds you get in Yosemite.
6. Cool, varied geology.
7. Many attractions along Rte. 88 heading up, most notably super-cute, historic Volcano, CA; nearby Black Chasm cavern (very cool crystalline formations); serene and fascinating Chaw’se, the Indian Grinding Rock State Park; and the up-and-coming Lodi wine region.
8. Lichens!

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