Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Solitary leaking

This David Brooks column about Edward Snowden surely must earn the prize for the most bombastic, Orwellian, and despicable of his career. "From what we know so far, Edward Snowden appears to be..." and off we go! Turning a complex, deadly serious issue involving civil liberties, personal moral responsibility, abuse of executive power, and security against the terrorist threat into a nasty, condescending personal attack and a sort-of condemnation of... what?... the depravities of computer-nerd culture?! But then again, I often cannot bring myself to read his columns, so there may be even better work in his oeuvre that I am unaware of. Does he ever read the morning paper and ask himself: Oh my god, did I actually write THAT?

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  1. I read that, and puked a bit in my mouth.