Saturday, November 29, 2008

The kids

A beautiful late autumn day in Foothills Park, Palo Alto, featuring our lovely and threatened native oak woodlands.


Alexi carved this pumpkin portrait of our now president-elect from a stencil for Halloween. The biggest treat of all was his election. No, he doesn't have a mustache in real life, but maybe it's worth a try... Michelle?

I'm a fun-guy...

Amanita lanei, Foothills Park, Palo Alto. A truly beautiful mushroom. Edible, but related to the deadly (duh) Death Cap. So please do not eat unless you know what you are doing (I do not).

And below, an earth star, reconstituted in the recent rain, found on the same walk. Very cool fungus.

Sorry, kid...

Dad attempts to hog the ice cream sandwiches at Ad Hoc, Yountville, CA.

Alexi in Napa Valley