Monday, February 15, 2010

Vatican top ten pop albums

As an employee of a Catholic institution of higher learning, I feel eminently qualified and indeed entitled to comment on the Vatican's recently released top ten list, which is presented below in order of release. I give +1 for good choices and -1 for bad, 0 for neutral. Tally at the bottom.

Revolver by the Beatles: Off to a great start, Benny! (That's how we refer to the current Pope when we see him around campus.) +1

If I could Only Remember My Name by David Crosby: I confess I don't know this album at all, but any list that includes Crosby, Stills, or Nash to the exclusion of Young is a non-starter. -1

The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd: What you been smokin', Benny? -1

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac: Annoying, but kind of a cheese-pop classic. (Note: the only women on the list... no Aretha? No Madonna?... Papa don't preach, I'm keeping my baby?) 0

The Nightfly by Donald Fagen: The best Steely Dan album of all (sorry Walter), and a pretty hip choice. +1

Thriller by Michael Jackson: No-brainer. +1

Graceland by Paul Simon: A very pleasant album, but maybe not Paul's best, and let's face it, this would be nothing without the South African backing band (and their tunes). 0

Achtung Baby by U2: Another safe but boring choice. First step toward Bono's beatification? 0

(What's the story) Morning Glory by Oasis: Honestly, this is the best you can come up with for alternative rock? No Nevermind? No 3 Feet High and Rising? -1

Supernatural by Carlos Santana: Santana only has one guitar solo, but it's a damn good one. Too bad you can't say the same about the songs. -1

Total: -1

OK, that's close enough to neutral to earn a passing grade.

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  1. Um...did you just hate on Dark Side of the Moon and Supernatural? I won't say these should be considered good just by reputation. I'll say that "Moon" is uniquely wierd enough to be at least neutral just out of respect. And Supernatural? I've listened to all of that album enough times to wonder exactly which songs you find so boring. But whatever man, it's your deal. Apparently even the pope is a critic these days so why not us?