Monday, August 29, 2011

Alan Krueger nominated for CEA chief

"Among economists Dr. Krueger is known as a voracious data hound..."
And this is really the best breed of econ dog. Excellent choice, Mr. President.


  1. I gather Krueger has done a lot of academic work showing that an increase in the minimum wage does not decrease the number of jobs. Some libertarians I know and, I gather, many Republicans believe the opposite. I take this as a positive sign in Krueger's favor. He supports the minimum wage! But overall how would you classify his political leanings? A centrist? Leans conservative? Leans liberal? What kind of economist ... besides a numbers guy ... did Obama hire? Is Krueger the type of guy who will advise Obama to go "big" or go "small" when it comes down to building his jobs plan?

  2. Hope I haven't posted this twice ... just getting my blog legs.

  3. He's what some of us would call a "reality-based economist." I view the CEA head's job to be telling it like it is to the Prez (and the public), so reality-based is good. I imagine he'd favor "go big" if the political system were also reality-based.