Saturday, August 4, 2012

'lympics on NBC

Gymnastics: it's all about balance beam and rings. I watched a good chunk of the men's competition on prime time and never once saw the rings. Apparently Americans are no good at it. Nice work, Gabby.

Swimming: Yawn. Glad it's over.

No track cycling on network TV, or weightlifting, or table tennis, as far as I can tell. Americans must suck at these sports as well. Too bad. Great to watch.

Men's 10,000 meter run: they showed the last lap. Why bother with the preceding 95%?

Beach volleyball: impressive, but boring. Women's team volleyball: excellent.

Tennis: Congrats Serena. You rock.

Medal count: c'mon, totals are meaningless... we need per capita and per $GDP, PPP adjusted of course.

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  1. I saw some table tennis. It was on that new NBC sports channel.