Friday, May 17, 2013

"No, it wasn’t a death panel! It was asking somebody to make a decision."

Words of wisdom from the world's richest man.
When you’re running a poor country health-care system, you can’t treat a year of life as being worth more than, say, $200, $300 or else you’ll bankrupt your health system immediately. So, with very few exceptions, you do nothing for cancer. If you get cancer, you’re going to die....
But here’s the good news for these countries. If you spend the less than 2 percent of what the rich countries spend, but you spend it on vaccinations and antibiotics, you get over half of all that healthcare does to extend life. So you spend 2 percent and you get 50 percent. If you spend another 80 percent you’re at over 90 percent.
The whole interview is worth reading. Maybe I should have bought another Windows machine to throw a little more money Bill's way, instead of the Macbook I just purchased. At least there's hope that Laurene will do something worthwhile with her share of the take...

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