Saturday, February 15, 2014

Alambique Flat...

... is a lovely grove of second-growth redwoods in Wunderlich County Park. I have walked this park perhaps more than any other. You can take most of it in with a five-mile circuit. Alambique Flat is about as far as you can get from the trailhead, and on a weekday you can have this supremely peaceful place all to yourself. The grove backs up to a burbling creek. The opposite hillside appears to be a drooping mudslide of sodden earth, but in fact it is a solid piece of something like flowstone... might there be caverns below?

While investigating the limestone in the creekbed, you might come across this fallen log covered with a troop of tiny ghostly soldiers, fruiting bodies of a slime mold.

Nearby, "The Meadows." By now the (non-native) grasses should be lush. This year? Well, they're trying. Maybe these clouds will bring them something they can use.

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