Thursday, June 12, 2014

At the SF Zoo

The new red panda proved to be a bit of a bust. It ambled out of its hut at the back of the enclosure once and nibbled a bamboo, then retreated. The lemurs are definitely a lot more fun to watch, and just about as cute and furry. The polar bear put on a nice show in its little pond, frolicking with a big plastic trash can (probably fantasizing a fat seal dinner, but how should I know?). The zoo has a wonderful teen volunteer program, whereby enthusiastic pairs of kids are in charge of animal show-and-tell around the grounds. Alexi and I love the zoo, and we love the excuse for a lunchtime trip to nearby Kingdom of Dumpling on Taraval, where the dumplings are fresh and juicy, the mashed cucumber simple and refreshing, and the salt and pepper fried tofu melts in (after burning the roof of) your mouth. Also, without embarrassment, we enjoy the petting zoo. We always let the little kids go first...

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