Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Have you been inside a hydroelectric plant? Now I have. The facility at El Chorro, outside Málaga, is interesting for the fact that during periods of low demand they pump the water up the cliffs to a reservoir to store the energy in anticipation of periods of higher demand, when it will be released to drive the turbines below. The beautiful, rugged canyon in which the dam and hydro plant sit is most famous for the treacherous Caminito del Rey, which can be seen from the dam. Our group did not hike up the caminito, but descended into the hydro facility, which was a pleasure. Why? Big, old machinery, doing what it's supposed to do, day after day...

Some of the big turbines were whirring (loudly), while others sat idle, being maintained.

In the control room, this exquisite old console is apparently no longer functional, but is a beautiful example of mid-century high-tech design. Imagine this baby in your living room!

In the machine shop, there is evidence that people have been working here for a while...

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