Thursday, August 14, 2014

No taste for discrimination?

These poor fellas are victims of exquisitely bad timing, given events in Ferguson, MO. "Taste for discrimination," Gary Becker's locution, never sounded serious enough given the subject, but to translate, what Gary really meant was that people can be bigots, and act on their beliefs, and other people will suffer for it. But he also suggested that markets might undermine the effects of bigotry. I think the statistical evidence for "taste discrimination" is pretty solid, but there may be settings where its effects are minimal, perhaps even, as these authors suggest, fantasy football (that's English for soccer, you gringos).

Anyway, back here in the real world, unarmed youths get shot and killed, and it has something to do with race, and thank you, Captain Ron Johnson: treating people with respect, compassion, and dignity makes you a true hero in this strange country.

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